Our Story

Welcome to Nancy Bakes, where the magic of sourdough and brioche unfolds with every delicious creation. We are not your typical bakers – we're two brothers on a mission to unveil the hidden talents of our extraordinary mother.

Our Story:

In the heart of Egypt, behind closed kitchen doors, our mother discovered her love for baking the perfect sourdough and brioche. Little did she know, her creations were destined for greatness. Determined to showcase her skills, we, her sons, decided to create a world of sweetness and joy for her.

Our Journey:

In secret, we embarked on a social media adventure, capturing the artistry of our mother's baking. From the first rise to the final golden crust, each video and post became a testament to her culinary prowess. The response from the Egyptian community was overwhelming, with 250k+ Instagram followers and 25m+ TikTok views in just one week.

Join Us on this Sweet Adventure:

Now, we invite you to be part of this sweet adventure by exploring our delectable creations. Every bite tells a story, and every order supports our mom's passion for baking. Join us in savoring the flavors of love and dedication at Nancy Bakes.